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How to get Facebook page monetized in Pakistan?

A lot of Pakistani Facebook users are willing to make money from Facebook but they don’t know the proper road map how to get their Facebook Page monetized. In this article we will briefly explain you how to get your pages monetized and earn money from Pakistan. You just need to follow each step carefully because each step contain important points that you need to be careful of.

Yes, Facebook in-stream-ads aren’t currently available in Pakistan for every user but we will tell a trick how to counter it and get your Facebook page monetized for in-stream-ads in Pakistan.

Monetization without any trick

As we know that in-stream-ads aren’t currently available in Pakistan but still you can get your page approved legally from Pakistan If you are an 100% original content creator than it is easy for you to get your page monetized. All you need to do is just apply for the Facebook Rights manager. If your page gets approved then you can easily use in-stream-ads in your videos and earn from it.

Monetization using a trick

Step 1: Complete your eligibility criteria for In-Stream-Ads

First of all you have to complete your Facebook eligibility criteria of in-stream-ads. Recently Facebook has changed it’s criteria for in-stream-ads which is around 10,000 followers and 30,000 minutes watch time on your Facebook videos. Just keep in mind your content must be original and follow Facebook community guidelines. If you have already completed this criteria than move towards the 2nd step.

Step 2: Set up payout account

It is the most important step. Majority of the Pakistani Facebook users make mistakes in this step. Payout account is the account from which we get paid through Facebook. As we know that in-stream-ads aren’t currently available in Pakistan So, you must have tax details of a relative who is currently living in any eligible country like Saudia, China, India, USA. You can check the list of all eligible countries from Facebook Website.

If you have a friend or relative’s tax information then you must enter their details while setting up payout account. You can also offer some percentage to your relative. (Important note : Never select country as “Pakistan”, if you make a mistake it can’t be reversed and your page will be pre-enrolled. Means whenever in-stream-ads will be available in Pakistan then your Page will be automatically monetized.)

Step 3: Add your relative account as Admin

After setting up payout account you need to add your relative account as an admin in order to trick Facebook, or you can ask your relative to make a new account for you so you can use it for posting. Facebook will review your page and after few days or sometimes it take hours to get your page ready for in-stream-ads.

Step 4: How to operate page from Pakistan

You must use paid VPN or Virtual Desktop (VPS) of the same country from your page got approve. You can buy any paid VPN from brokers in 300pkr or if you want to play it 100% safe then must use static VPS, which costs around 3000pkr to 5000pkr. VPS is a Virtual Private Server, in simple words its a virtual computer with static IP of the country which you can access with your own computer. You have to upload your videos via VPS or paid VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why we use VPS & VPN for posting?

Answer: We will trick Facebook that we are living in an eligible country. So for uploading videos we use VPN or Virtual Private Server. Answer to How to get Facebook Page monetized in Pakistan

Question: Is this legal way to get our page monetized?

Answer: Yes, this is totally legal because have monetized your page with the help of relative who is currently living in an eligible country.

Hope you gained important information from this article and also share it with your friends you they can also earn from Facebook while living in Pakistan. To get more informative articles must visit or technology category. Click Here to visit.

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