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Jaw-Dropping Income of Pakistani Cricketers

Step onto the cricketing field of Pakistan, and you’ll witness not only exceptional talent but also remarkable wealth. You will be amazed by the Income of Pakistani Cricketers . From the captaincy of Babar Azam to the bowling of Shaheen Shah Afridi, these sports stars earn jaw-dropping amounts both on and off the pitch.

Cricketers Latest PCB Contract (latest update)

Update: In the latest cricket news, three top Pakistani players, Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan, and Shaheen Shah Afridi, are set to receive lucrative contracts. As part of the top category, they could earn PKR 4.5 million (approximately USD 15,900) per month, which is four times more than what was offered in the previous year’s contracts. This significant increase in their earnings reflects their outstanding performance and contribution to the national team. The new contracts signal a recognition of their talent and a well-deserved reward for their hard work on the cricket field. Fans and followers eagerly anticipate seeing these star players in action and hope for continued success in their careers.

Cricketers Income Through PCB Contract 2023 (About to End in August)

The PCB contract is the primary income source for many cricketers, categorized as A, B, C, and D, with the highest contract offered to the most successful current players. However, this is not their sole income stream, as top cricketers also earn substantial amounts from brand promotions and advertisements.

PlayersRetainer Salary (PKR)T20 Fees (PKR)ODI Fees (PKR)Test Fees (PKR)Contract
Babar Azam (C)₨2,520,000₨210,000₨294,000₨420,000A
Fakhar Zaman₨2,128,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600A
Azhar Ali₨2,128,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600A
Mohammad Rizwan₨2,128,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600A
Shadab Khan₨2,128,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600A
Shaheen Shah Afridi₨2,128,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600A
Fawad Alam₨1,484,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600B
Hasan Ali₨1,484,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600B
Haris Rauf₨1,484,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600B
Naseem Shah₨1,400,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600C
Nauman Ali₨1,400,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600C
Mohammad Nawaz₨1,400,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600C
Abdullah Shafique₨1,400,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600C
Abid Ali₨868,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600D
Saud Shakeel₨868,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600D
Shan Masood₨868,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600D
Khushdil Shah₨868,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600D
Sarfaraz Ahmed₨868,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600D
Yasir Shah₨868,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600D
Usman Qadir₨868,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600D
Zahid Mahmood₨868,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600D
Mohammad Wasim Jr₨868,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600D
Shahnawaz Dahani₨868,000₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600D
Agha Salman₨525,600₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600Emerging
Mohammad Haris₨525,600₨125,160₨187,600₨224,600Emerging

Estimated Yearly Income of the Cricketers

Player NameYearly Income (PKR)
Babar Azam30-35 Crores
Fakhar Zaman20-22 Crores
Azhar Ali10-12 Crores
Mohammad Rizwan22-25 Crores
Shadab Khan20-22 Crores
Shaheen Shah Afridi25-28 Crores
Imam-ul-Haq12-15 Crores
Fawad Alam5-8 Crores
Hasan Ali10-12 Crores
Haris Rauf16-18 Crores
Naseem Shah14-15 Crores
Nauman Ali4-5 Crores
Mohammad Nawaz7-8 Crores
Abdullah Shafique4-5 Crores
Abid Ali3-4 Crores
Saud Shakeel3-4 Crores
Shan Masood8-10 Crores
Khushdil Shah8-10 Crores
Sarfaraz Ahmed11-12 Crores
Yasir Shah4-5 Crores
Usman Qadir4-5 Crores
Zahid Mahmood2-3 Crores
Mohammad Wasim Jr6-7 Crores
Shahnawaz Dahani3-4 Crores
Agha Salman4-5 Crores
Mohammad Haris5-6 Crores

Please note that the Yearly Income column in the table provided above represents estimated earnings and is subject to change based on various factors. Cricket players’ income can vary over time due to contract renewals, performance bonuses, new endorsements, and fluctuations in the sports and advertising industries. The figures mentioned are approximate and should be treated as such. For the most up-to-date and accurate information on the players’ earnings, it is recommended to refer to official sources or credible media outlets.

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